Premium Keratin Extensions - 25 pcs

Feel The Hair Premium Keratin extensions med mjuka och tunna hårstrån av absolut toppkvalite. Välj mellan Premium Plus och vår vanliga Premium löshår. Finns i längderna 45/50 cm och 55/60 cm.

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Keratin extensions 45/50 cm och 55/60 cm i vikt ca 0,8 g respektive ca 1 g per slinga

25st keratinslingor i varje paket - Välj antal paket

  • 53.91 EUR

Plus or Regular?

Regular Premium is our popular hair extension that we have had in our range for many years. Premium Plus, on the other hand, is a newly developed hair extension quality that is manufactured using gentler and slower processes, where every single package is tested in the final stage to ensure top quality of the extension hair. Premium Plus is for the most discerning customer who only wants the best of the best.

Other things to think about before purchasing

  • Keep in mind that the loose hair does not have to be exactly the same color as your own hair. It can differ as much as 1-2 stops darker or lighter and still blend in well
  • To ensure the best possible feel and quality of our hair extensions, we recommend the use of Feel the hair Deep Extensions Conditioner and that our instructions for application and care advice are followed.

Rekommended quantity

The amount of Keratin extensions used varies depending on your own hairstyle, the thickness of your own hair and your desire. As a rule, a smaller amount is needed if you have thin hair and a larger amount if you have thicker hair. For effects or filling in balder parts, a smaller amount may be enough. We usually recommend on average

- approx. 100 strands for thin hair
- approx. 125 strands for normal thick hair
- approx. 150 strands for thick hair or very short hair.