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What is Hair Extensions and why are they so popular today?

The use of Hair extensions, hair extensions, is a simple and quick way to get perfect hair that is both long and full, and a brilliant look. Hair extensions are used not only by short-haired people but also by long-haired people, to get more volume on the hair. Most girls either use or have previously used hair extensions.

What types of hair extensions does Feel The Hair offer and which type suits me?

We offer both Keratin extensions and Tape extensions, which are the two most popular hair extension methods.

Keratin extensions are hair extensions with small pieces of keratin wax at one end that are heated and fused with thin strands of the client's hair, and Tape extensions are hair extensions that are set in 4cm wide strips of tape that are attached to small sections of the client's hair. Both insertion methods are attached close to the scalp, in the area of the neck and a bit up the sides above the ears, and then the attachments are hidden by the client's own hair.

Keratin extensions take about 1.5-2.5 hours to apply and usually have a shelf life of about 3 months. Tape extensions take about 45 – 75 minutes to apply and have a longer total shelf life of about 6 months or even longer if they are cared for correctly, because these type of extensions can be reused, but you have to move the attachments up every 6-8 weeks. For maximum durability, however, we always recommended that our hair extensions are cared for according to our care advice

How long or short does my hair have to be if i will be able to use hair extensions?

There is no upper limit to how long your hair can be in order to use extensions. If you already have long hair, you can still use extensions to thicken your hair. If you have short hair, on the other hand, it is recommended that your hair be at least 10 cm long for a naturally neat result. The shorter your hair is, the more difficult it will be to hide the attachments of the hair extensions.

Will it look like im wearing hair extensions?

It won't look like you have extensions on. The attachments of the hair extensions, which are discreet, will be hidden under your own hair and the color of the hair extension will blend in with your own hair color. When the hair extension is applied, it will usually also be cut in and shaped according to your own hairstyle so there will not be a transition between the extension hair and your own hair.

Is it true that using hair extensions wears out your own hair?

When inserting a hair extension, it is very important to always apply the hair extension to a thick strand of your own hair so that the load does not become high, by doing this it will not tear on your hair bottom. Whether hair extensions wear on your own hair, we believe that hair extensions in most cases rather protect your own hair from wearing and tearing from the environment. For example, in our modern society, there are really few things that put more wear and tear on our own hair than the use of heat tools such as heating plates and hair dryers. When our own hair is exposed to high temperatures, it becomes both dull and dry, and this is because the scales on the surface of the hair get deformed and folded upwards by the strong heat. When you use hair extensions, the risk for heat damage on your hair gets less, because the hair extension occupies a great part of the direct contact surface of the heating tools. This means that your own hair can actually get protected by the extensions.

How much hair extensions do i need?

How much hair extensions you need for a hair extension is very individual, but we usually recommend

100 keratin strands or 40 pieces of tape for those with thin hair

125 keratin strands or 50 pieces of tape for those with normally thick hair

150 keratin strands or 60 pieces of tape for those with thick hair or very short hair

Can i blow dry/flatten my Feel The Hair extensions? Is there anything in particular I should be aware of?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer or straightener on our hair extensions just like on your own hair but remember to be careful to not use too high heat settings on both the hair extensions or your own hair. The effects of excessive heat on hair are greatly underestimated in general. Human hair is very similar to sheep's wool in composition and in the same way that wool cannot withstand high temperatures when ironed (no more than 2 dots on the iron), human hair cannot withstand high temperatures either. Human hair suffers micro-damage when exposed to strong heat and becomes dull on the surface and tangled. This is because the scales of the hair are deformed and folded outwards from the hair. Normal human hair has a decent resistance to temperatures up to 175-180C provided that heat protection products are also used, at higher temperatures, the hair begins to be destroyed by the heat to a greater extent. We advise against using heating plates that have a higher heat setting than 175C on our hair extensions. Unfortunately, there are some heating plates on the market today that emit heat of up to 230C. If you have a straightener that emits stronger heat than 175C, we really recommend that you throw it away, this would not only spare the loose hair that you have on, but also your own hair.

It must also be added that bleached hair or wet hair is even more sensitive to heat. When wet hair is exposed to a temperature of 100 C, the water inside the hair begins to boil, and sizzle outwards with a pressure that also cause the cuticle layer on the hair to fold outwards.

Can I bleach, tone or perm Feel The Hair extensions?

It is possible to use toning (hair dye without hydrogen peroxide) on our hair extensions because it has no adverse effect on the quality of the hair extensions, but we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the results you desire. Keep in mind that when you tone the loose hair, there is a risk that it will absorb more or less of the color pigments from the toning compared to your own hair and that the toning may also fade out from the loose hair differently than your own hair. We recommend that you always test on a small strand first before toning the entire hair. Keep in mind that the hair extensions are already dyed and bleached in the factory and that it can be more difficult than our own hair to re-dye or bleach. Please note that Feel The Hair cannot be held responsible for errors arising from the use of dying or bleaching products.