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We offer Premium Remy hair extensions of absolute top quality with soft, thin hairs that suits perfectly for everyone. Choose between the two most popular insertion methods, Keratin Extensions and Tape Extensions, as well as accessories for both insertion, removal and maintenance of hair extensions. 

In our shop, both companies and individuals can shop easily, comfortably and at better prices. Business customers who register a login account also receive extra favorable prices on their purchases. You can register in connection with making your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us on our contact page.

Our Hair Extensions

Our Premium Plus is the perfect hair extension type for those who only want the best. It is our latest quality of hair extensions that are manufactured using gentler and slower processes, where every single bundle is tested to ensure the quality of the hair extensions. Our hair extensions consist of genuine Remy raw hair with soft, thin hairs originating from countries around Eastern Europe and are therefore well suited for European users. The hair also has a natural straight/wavy self-fall and is easy to style, whether you want it wavy, curly or straight. 

We are a specialist supplier of hair extensions with a focus on Keratin extensions and Tape extensions as these are by far the two best insertion methods, also used most by professional stylists and hairdressers. 

About Us

Feel The Hair is one of the most prominent suppliers of hair extensions to hairdressers and hair extension stylists and a popular brand with countless hair extensions users in Sweden today. Our main goal is to offer products that are both trendy and popular to our customers. We at Feel the hair not only believe in ourselves and our own products, but also in our customers and their businesses. We therefore engage more with our customers and always try to promote the sales of our products at all levels. Among other things, we usually include our business customers when we do our marketing, we link private customers to hair extension stylists who are affiliated with us, we stock hair extension products at salons and stores, and much more. Each customer is unique and has its own conditions and we have different solutions. With us, as a customer, you never have to hesitate to contact us for questions, opinions or requests, whether it concerns our products, collaborations or anything else that you may have in mind, but you can always count on us to listen and do our best to help. We believe that a good collaboration is the best way to success.